one prayer is in the can


I am so PUMPED to be part of One Prayer.  In June, we  will join hundreds of churches all across the world as we all teach the same series.  Churches from all over have captured their Pastor preaching via video, recorded it, and submitted it as part of the One Prayer video pool. 

Each Pastor submitted a 30 min teaching video answering this question:  “Make us _______.”  Some are preaching on  “Make us wise.”  Some, “Make us one.”  Pastors then select videos that they would like shown to their churches.

What does that mean for exchange?  On June 8 we will share the video that our MCC team shot.  Let me just pause here for a second and say that I am proud of our our team and our video.  They captured the heart of my prayer.  I want to tell you all about it, but it would ruin it.  I won’t even tell you the title!  Make sure you are there on June 8.

The Sunday’s following June 8, I will introduce you to some of the Pastors who have heavily influenced my life, and we will hear their teaching. 

Did I say I was pumped??????  

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