Opposing People

9 There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me. – I Cor 16

image I tend to think that if the door is wide open, there is none who oppose me. That is simply not the case.  Just because there is opposition, that does not mean the door is closed.  People will always oppose me. They will oppose you.  They will always try to stand in your way or drag you back down.  As long as God is asking you to do things, as long as he is opening the door, I don’t care who opposes me.  Let the blind lead the blind.  As long as there is an open door, I will take the opposition.

What about you?  What is the door you are avoiding because of opposition?

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3 thoughts on “Opposing People

  1. Gonna crack that door open on the 15th and actually speak to a LIVE audience :-). I sweat a little just thinking about it. It's much safer behind the camera, but then I go search for Scripture to back up me being safe and can't find it. Off I go…..

  2. I am opening up the door of getting our new blogsite up – again – uggh, had it all in place, but on a dummy site, now getting it started again . . . in the midst of life! This blog entry reminds me of Ephesians 6, and reminds me that we don't fight against flesh and blood . . . the warfare is beyond the open door, but also out there where we don't always see it. So we have to be perceptive in the spiritual realms!

  3. Urrgh… I am waiting for the door to actually open!! Not fussed about the opposition that's nothing compared to my knuckles, which are bleeding from knocking!! 🙂