Personal Productivity 05 – Your Health

image The most productive people I meet are the most healthy.  They are full of energy but know their limits.  They take care of themselves.  How can we take care of ourselves for maximum productivity?

  • Exercise.  Until 8 years ago, I was not athletic in the least (unless you count being a manager for the basketball team in High School).  I found myself pudgy and mentally sluggish.  I began to exercise and after a couple years, I took up running.  Exercise helps the brain to fire well and actually gives you more energy.  Quick mind, more energy, and less fat.   Why would you not?
  • Eat right.  OK, I’m not so great in this arena.  However, I do try to eat low fat and I rarely drink pop or caffeine.  Water is  much better for you, and cheaper!
  • Sleep.  The better you sleep, the more productive you are.  Figure out how much sleep you really need, and get it.  If you find you need to sleep in, sleep in the night before.  That’s right, go to bed early.  Studies show that sleep gained before midnight is worth more than sleep after midnight.
  • Take time off.  I was talking to a friend this week who said that he had one vacation in 4 years.  I asked “Who’s fault is that?”  He knew the answer and already has a vacation on the horizon.  Here is what I know:  time away from my job makes me better when I am here.  Take your days off and take your vacation.
  • Laugh easy.  Stop taking things so serious.  Stop taking yourself so serious.

Drop in next time as we explore the use of calendars and lists.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Productivity 05 – Your Health

  1. This was resonated with me Scot. (didn’t know I knew a word that big did you?) I cycle, try to eat right, take a day off and any other chance I can 🙂 and laugh a lot and easily (much to my wife’s annoyance). However, I tend to need less sleep than some. I go to bed by 9:30 and get up at 3:15 (except Friday and some Saturdays). this is a good post though. Appreciate it.