Rukungiri Day 1 Comes to a Close

Day one of the PDN Conference in Rukungiri, Africa has come to a close.  The day was full of worship, Africa style of course (man, I wish I could dance).  Also during the day we had four teaching slots.  Paul taught on the dangers of the prosperity Gospel, I taught on preaching, and Bruce did a double hitter: accountability and balancing your life.  Mariah was the social media queen and spent much time on the cameras.  I am proud to be part of this team.  They are making great investments in helping Pastors become resourced and refreshed.

We have been feeling the power of your prayers.  Keep it up.  Tomorrow we have another full day of sessions here in Rukungiri.

More to come.




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One thought on “Rukungiri Day 1 Comes to a Close

  1. Hi Team! Glad to hear things are going well. We are praying for your safety and strength. May God continue to use all of you to further His Kingdom. How exciting!
    PS: Go ahead and dance, Scot, no one will see you 😉 unless Mariah tapes it.