Scot’s Daily Word for Radio

This 60-second short feature we added at WBGL radio in the last year has quite possibly been the most enjoyable and most liked short feature we’ve ever added.  – Ryan Springer, Program Director, WBGL Radio

Scot’s Daily Word is a professionally produced short feature (:59) designed specifically for radio.  Each short feature includes one focus word, one scripture, and a quick challenge.  In this fast-paced world, Scot’s Daily Word offers a single word making it easy for listeners to remember the word throughout the day. This feature is simply another tool to help us take a step closer to Christ.

Scot’s Daily Word is available to stations and networks through a specific FTP.  This enables stations to automate the transfer for a smooth operation.  Quarterly reminders are sent letting stations know that new files are uploaded and ready for transfer.

For questions or to add Scot’s Daily Word to your list of short features, email me ( and I will send the FTP and needed credentials.

Samples of Scot’s Daily Word:

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