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I’ll be honest, I am not impressed with most Independent artists (A.K.A. “Indies”). Yes, I realize I am an Indie artist :>

Last year Dave Frey (a former youth group kid of mine), sends me a copy of his latest project. At Anderson University, Dave teamed up with Ben McDonald. Together they formed Sidewalk Prophets. Expecting to be less than impressed, I gave it an obligatory spin. Sha-zam!! I was impressed big time. The vocals are tonally wonderful and the song writing is as fresh as Grannies homemade pie. One of my favorite songs, Where I Stand, hits me hard every time. Not only is it a beautiful picture of hope to a struggling young woman, but I hear it as a song of hope to the church. I get fired up every time I listen.

Still not impressed? These guys have opened for some big names in the biz and shared the stage with Audio A (among others). Not long after there last US tour, Sidewalk Prophets packed up and headed overseas. They recently released an EP and are heading back to Europe in a few weeks.

Keep these guys on the radar.

This is a must have CD. Check out all the details on the Sidewalk Prophet’s Website, or at Myspace.

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One thought on “sidewalk prophets

  1. Sidewalk Prophets is, indeed, and awesome band, and thanks to Scot for spotlighting them here. Just as Scot’s music was featured on my Average Joe Radio podcast in the past, Sidewalk Prophet will have a special episode of the music in the near future. Be sure to check them out (both, Scot and Sidewalk Prophets).