Songs of Simple Worship 2: “Lost”

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I get the privilege of being part of a fantastic community of Christ followers. Our little movement just flat out rocks. We serve, and love, and fight, and sing, and laugh, and cry, and, well, enough of that. It rocks. You should come see us sometime. Really. I tell you this because this songs was written in the context of exchange and MCC.

I was prepping for a worship gathering and wanted to write a song that expressed how amazingly grateful we were that God continues to visit us in exchange. During the week I went into our prayer room and wrote this in one setting. That rarely happens.

In the song is a reference to thin places. We talk about that a lot in exchange. The ancient Celtic people would have places that they called Thin Places. Typically they were beautiful places of nature (ocean, mountains, etc). They were said to be thin because the space between heaven and earth came together, and God seemed that much closer. It is good to be lost in the thin places.

Be sure and join us for the Simple Worship 2 release party.  July 30, 7-8:30 at Coffee Grounds in Terre HauteWe will also be  at Gingersnaps Cafe on August 6, 7-8:30 (in the Open Door Bookstore).

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photo by chris austin of day 6 photography

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