Songs of Simple Worship 2; “Tired”

Scot-Photo Shoot 2 112 This seems an odd song from a worship leader, but for several years I have been asking myself “Is God as tired of hearing these songs as I am of singing them.” James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:11-17 blasted me hard. Are we singing love songs to Jesus while orphans and widows die? The answer to that is “Yes.” The real tragedy is that we don’t care. We would rather have a new worship song than spend time with the overlooked and ignored. I think that honks God off. He is breaking my heart on this and keeps reminding me that I have a long way to go. If all we do is sing pretty little songs, we will one day be full of regret when we look at Jesus and know that our worship was more about us than him.

I’m pullin’ out all the stops

Somehow, I’ve lost the plot

Those lines are written for my many worship leading friends. We can get in danger of worshipping the worship. I think it high time to live like we sing. Love God with passion. Sing loud. Hug orphans and kiss widows. That is the worship God is crazy about.

Be sure and join us for the Simple Worship 2 release party.  July 30, 7-8:30 at Coffee Grounds in Terre HauteWe will also be  at Gingersnaps Cafe on August 6, 7-8:30 (in the Open Door Bookstore).

Hopefully these nights inspire us to worship beyond the music.

Simple Worship 2 goes on sale at the online store on July 30.  Check it out here.


photo by chris austin of day 6 photography

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One thought on “Songs of Simple Worship 2; “Tired”

  1. Hey brother. This song hit me quite hard. I would like to share it with my youth pastor and have him do a lesson over that chapter of Isaiah ending with this song. I was hoping you could email me the chords to this song so I could play it at the end. It's an Amazing Song.