Starving Jesus Comes to Town

I’m pretty stoked. I love seeing the things that God is doing. Not just with us, but with his kingdom all across the globe. When we began eXchange over 10 years ago (man, time flies), little did we know that God was birthing similar gatherings of people all over the globe.

A couple of years ago, we were led to start getting serious about making a difference outside the walls of the Church. We prayed and God answered. Crash was born. The coolest part is that you can’t trace Crash back to a book or a seminar (OK, the term we ripped off from Mosaic and Erwin McMannus), but the whole exchange Crash movement was torn from the pages of Bart Anderson’s Life Journal. So we started getting serious. God has been keeping after us. He has been asking, “Are you REALLY serious?” Several of us have been sensing that God is asking us to up our commitment outside the church, to get our hands dirty. No, filthy. He rocked us through several different avenues. From scriptures to books to conversations, the Holy Spirit is whispering. The question is: Are we listening? And, will we DO anything?

Jack the Fox catches wind (instead of giving it for once) that there are 2 nut-jobs heading out on a tour to challenge the church to get off their seats and out into the community. Sounds like what we are doing and what we want more of. Fox tracks them down and they agree to stop in eXchange on Sept 3. Craig Gross and J.R. Mahon are currently touring the country in an RV. 40 cities. 40 days. No food. These guys are the real deal and are set to stretch and challenge us as we continue to do what we can for the overlooked and ignored. If we just sit in the seats, sing some songs, hear some chatter, go home and do nothing, aren’t we just starving Jesus?

For the lowdown on these guys, check out Starving Jesus.

See you Sunday!

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