Sunday reflections

What a church!

image Last night a young man got baptized.  In the middle of it, Fox got all choked up.  I love it when God does amazing stuff.  We have seen several baptism during our Rust (money) series.  Why do people get more serious about their relationship with Christ when we talk about money?  Because money is tied to our heart.

Also last night, Ryan shared that he is taking a trip to Japan to distribute the Jesus Film.  The trip is costly and he was $800 short with the money due in 5 days.  As a total surprise to Ryan we set out a basket and asked everyone to give up a coffee this week so we could get him to Japan.  Evidently we drink much coffee.   The offering totaled over $1300.   (The extra money will be used to for the ministry of the Jesus Film.).

Next week is our challenge Sunday.  We will be turning in our challenge cards, indicating what we plan to tithe and give in 2010.  Justin tells me that Sunday is going to rock.  He even invited me to be in the band again.  I have to go practice my chops.

photo by klynsli

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