Today was our final day with the children at the Buckner Orphanage.  I could tell you so many stories about these kids.  I will sum it up with a few words and a video.

If you have never cried when you said goodbye to an orphan, you are missing some beautiful pain.

Jesus lives strongly among those who others throw away. Side note:  One of the babies we were with today was LITERALLY found in the trash.  That makes me want to crack some heads.

The people of MCC are physically, spiritually, and emotionally putting love on these kids.  We can feel it.  So can they.

I am with a team of selfless people who represent a great church of selfless people.

The sound of an orphan laughing is a little bit of heaven.  When they all laugh at the same time, it is like a choir of angels.

Nate, Rachael, and Jody will head home tomorrow.  Shawn and I will connect late tomorrow night with a team from Compassion International.  Beginning Tuesday they will lead us on a vision trip of their work in Guatemala.  Stay tuned.

For more great stories from the MCC team, check out the blogs at shawnw, elsblogger, and thepipeline.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. We've enjoyed following along during this trip with the kids of the Buckner babies home. I say this on behalf of our son Juan Pablo and the other kids, thank you for your investment you've made in their lives and the kingdom. Wish you well during the remaining journey with Compassion. Gotta work on those pinata skills my friend 🙂

  2. I didn't notice this when you were recording, but when I watched your video I heard Alejandra say–in English–"my name is Alejandra"!