Take Notes or Dance

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Takin’ notes

Summer 2004.  One of our last days in Hawaii.  Madison (our youngest) wanted to take some Hula lesson at a local mall in Honolulu.  She had a blast but I had the money shot.  During the one hour lesson, there was a guy in the middle of the pack who was taking some serious notes.  Like his life depended on it.  As the lesson wore on, he started to groove a bit but would stop and make some notes.  In a sea of dancers he was taking notes. 

It’s such a shame to see people go through life and take notes.  There comes a point when you have to get your nose out of the book, get off the bench, risk looking stupid and dance.

Dance, my friend.  You have been around long enough to know the steps.  Even if not, who cares.  Just dance.

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