Thanks from the Old Man

headshot at airport Thanks to everyone who made turning 40 a fun day.  In case you were not following the events on Facebook or Flickr – here is a rundown of the festivities.

  • All day: Facebook, twitter, and my phone lights up with well-wishers (and a few sarcastic remarks).  Also received cards with BD wishes and some gift card – thanks!
  • 8:05 Breakfast with my Dad (great way to start the day)
  • 11:00 In the middle of working on my sermon at a coffee shop, I am delivered a large hot chocolate and a BD card from Mariah.image
  • 11:30  to Royal Mandarin for weekly creative team lunch with Shawn and Scott.  Greeted by a balloon, cupcakes, card from Maddy, and a great lunch from Pauline.
  • 12:30  Ursula gets a new battery. Ursula is my 93 Explorer with 173K miles.  She is big, dirty, and ugly and felt I should buy her something for my birthday.  She is a selfish hag.
  • 1:15 Arrive at my office. Large LED sign out front announces to the world that I am 40.  Geeze.
  • 1:17 More cupcakes at office kitchen.  Sweet.
  • 1:19 Card from Steph inviting me to dinner at Stables Steakhouse.  Nice.
  • image1:20 Find my office and most contents therein wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • 1:21 Someone rats out Fox for wrapping my office. Fox rats out Telle.  Not much has changed since 5th grade.
  • 2:15  Finally done unwrapping office.
  • 2:20  Thin Mint cookies from 7 year-old Caroline Fox with a note that says “You are old because you are 40.” 
  • 2:30  Someone reports that my name is on the huge sign in front of First Financial Bank.  Geeze.
  • 3:00 Phone call from Mom wishing me a happy BD.  My mom is great.
  • 5:00 Home
  • 7:00 Dinnerimage at Stables.  Yum.
  • 9:00 Arrive home to more cupcakes, black  streamers, balloons, my girls, plus Steve and Aimee Nard.  6 Pack of Yoo-hoos from Steve and Aimee.  Yum.
  • 9:30  Gift from Steph, Mariah, and Madison:  a lunch with a Disney Imagineer in July.  Very nice.
  • 10:15 Go to bed.  (Hey, I’m an old man, remember!)

Thanks to all of you for your notes, cards, and nonsense.  You made my day great!  I’m glad to be living life with ya. 

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