Thanks OVCF and Headed to Guatemala

Thanks to the fine folks at Owen Valley Christian Fellowship who hosted the band and I last Sunday.  We had a great time of worship, celebrating their 5th anniversary.  The worship gathering was followed by a cookout (it was amazing).  OVCF is led by our friend Bill Grandi.  Bill is also an avid blogger.  Check out his blog here.

101_4142I am headed to Guatemala on Thursday with Shawn, Jody, and Nate and Rachael Brown.  We will be working with the orphanages that we support in Guatemala.  On Monday (19th), Jody and the Browns will fly back.  Shawn and I will stay and join Compassion International for a week-long vision tour of their work in Guatemala.  To keep up on the travels, keep checking back here.

Have a fantastic week!

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