The $5.00 ask. Donations now being accepted.

As you saw in the previous post, I will be heading to Uganda in July as part of The National Church Leaders Conference.  While there I (along with Justin Hoeppner) will be teaching and leading worship for the conference.  We will also be ministering in other Ugandan churches.

As you can imagine, this venture is expensive, and we are responsible for raising the funds necessary.  All told, we each need to raise $4000. That sounds like a mountain of cash, but I was thinking . . .

I have a bunch of online friends.  If all my online friends would kick in a little money, we could raise the $4000 in a hurry.

Can we raise $4000?   I think we can.  All I am asking for is a donation of $5.00.

imageSome of you may want to do more, and I am great with that.  As a matter of fact, just to sweeten the deal, if you are one if the first 10 people to donate $20 or more, I will ship you a copy of Simple Worship 2.  If you already have a copy, maybe you can use it as a Christmas gift (or a nice coaster).

Donations will be accepted through debit or credit card.  To donate, click the “Chip In” button at Resonate.

Note: If you would like to donate and get a tax write-off for your contribution, you will need to send a check to Maryland Community Church.  Email me and I would be happy to set this up for you.

In addition to the cash, we really need some prayers in this venture.  Will you pray with us?  Specifically, we are praying that the Ugandan Pastors would be resourced, and encouraged.


Donate by clicking the “Chip In”  button here.

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