the story behind how he loves us

Thanks to Kyle for the head’s up.

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4 thoughts on “the story behind how he loves us

  1. The first time I heard this song was this same performance. The conference is an all day fast and I had it on tv pretty much all day as I was working at home. When he got up there and told this story I was floored. At the very least his music was like no other worship music at that conference and I was excited to hear it. But the lyrics in this song were so convicting man I was weeping with about 5 other guys at my house doing the same. How easy is it for us to get prideful in our love for Jesus, that we have done so much to show God our love or how proud we are that we pursued. This song was a reminder that I only worship God, I only love God cause God loved me, because of his grace and mercy. So when we sing this at our church I think it’s a real reminder to the body of God’s grace, not a selfish thing of how God lives for us or anything, but that we are only able to live for God because of His love for us. God has been working me over on grace for the past couple months, just when I think I grasp it, I get jacked even more. As Romans 12 says, “In view of God’s mercy…we present ourselves as a living sacrifice”. I can’t even offer myself without God’s mercy.

    Keep the posts coming Scot, love your blog.

  2. I would love like to see Christians to take our singing and playing craft more seriously. We seem to have fallen in to a rut of "campfire music / singing" and though there is nothing wrong with that (for people 16 and under) this seems to keep getting spoon-fed to the church as "great modern worship." (part 1)

  3. pasrt 2) Paul said when I was a child I spoke as a child I reasoned as a child etc. but when I became older, I put away childish things." I wish we could do that. Also: David played skillfully before the Lord. Old testament singers & musicians were hand picked by by their talents first and then weeded out by their dedication to God (because they had so many people "trying out" that were skillful, they could afford to do that). Nowadays what we do is we pull in anyone "who's heart is right" and leave out the talent part altogether. Paul said to run the race for the victor's crown. The bible instructs us to study to show ourselves approved. Yes of course it means to study scripture but also to strive for excellence in all we do. I'm not in any way trying to eclipse the holy consecration of one's self unto our creator in an abject posture of total surrender and holy communion unto our Lord, but I would so love to see the church take God seriously as though they are playing before a King, rather than it be "just good enough."