The Worship Leading Practicum


Alrighty, the details are together for The Worship Leading Practicum.

The practicum is a 10-week training and consulting experience designed for worship leaders.

Classes are an interactive study consisting of :

  • Daily Devotions
  • Weekly reading
  • Practical assignments
  • Evaluations
  • Weekly phone consults with Scot and a small group of students.

If you are interested in taking part in the fall group, you can check out all the details here.



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2 thoughts on “The Worship Leading Practicum

  1. I would really have loved to participate in this, it looks to be so beneficial to me and the church I serve in, however, it would require me to be around at 1-2 am (British Summer Time), and as I have a full time day job, it’s not possible. Do you have any plans to make this available to people with time zone issues? Even a non interactive format would be greatly appreciated. Please give it some consideration.