Things That Make Me Smile

image This is Ron.  He makes me smile.  Ron used to be wrapped up in himself; bad. Drug abuse, stealing, you name it.  Ron was not the kind of guy you would want to hang around.  Certainly not the kind of guy that you would want to introduce to the folks.  That was then.

Now . . .

Ron is clean, dry, and on assignment with Samaritan’s Purse; a division of the Billy Graham Association.  He is a project leader on a 3-month assignment in Haiti, heading up disaster relief.  Several years ago, Ron gave his life to his creator and now spends his days helping others to do the same.

Check out the tattoo; it’s a logo we use at MCC for our Crash (serving) ministries.  Ron got inked on his skin – and his heart; living what he believes.  He reminds me that no matter what your past; God has a future for you that you could never imagine.

Thanks Ron!

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One thought on “Things That Make Me Smile

  1. I am the "poster-child" for Divine Intervention!! God is amazing!! Remembering where I used to be,where MY direction led me…and what God has done since,I sat in Grand Goave and cried!!(for joy!!)