To Roatan

scot diving

A group of friends and I will be in Roatan (Honduras) the next several days.  Most of our time there will be spent under water. This is my annual mancation where some of my pals and I leave the normal routine, catch up on life, and SCUBA dive.

I’m looking forward to unplugging and resting the weary brain while looking at some of the most amazing things that God has created, all with great friends.  SCUBA diving is a “thin” time for me.  Let’s hope the air doesn’t run thin.

For a play-by-play (until internet runs dry) follow me on twitter or facebook.

While I am gone, the PM service at MCC continues the Good, Bad, and Ugly series with Justin Hoeppner and Jack the Fox.  The AM service continues The Me I want to Be series with Dr Vince.

And while I have you, don’t forget that Easter is April 4.  We have two services, 9AM and 11AM (no PM service that day).  This is a fantastic opportunity to invite a friend or family member to one of the best worship gatherings of the year.


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