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But the centurion, instead of listening to what Paul said, followed the advice of the pilot and of the owner of the ship. – Acts 27:11

Paul had been arrested and in jail for more than two years. In the middle of a trial, he appeals to Caesar. In the middle of his transport to Rome, centurion is trying to decide whether or not to set sail. The season was getting late and it was risky to move by sea. Solicited or not, he got advice from the owner of the ship, from the pilot, and from Paul.

Advice. Everybody wants to offer it.

In an interview, someone asked Chris Tomlin how it was different now that he has become more well known. Chris says one of the biggest things is that people keep giving him advice. I’m certainly not on the same level as Chris, but someday’s I get plenty of advice. “You should do this.” “You should think about this.” “I think we need to.” “Have you ever thought about . . . .” “I have something I want to share with you.” Most of the time I hear the comment and hear the gun coming from the holster.

I’m tired of advice. I’m not interested in it. Not that I don’t care, but I, well, really don’t care – unless it is advice that is prompted by God. I’ll take the harsh words if they come from God through a person.

That is the trick. Sometimes God uses people to offer Godly advice, but how do I know when that is? Often times I get conflicting advice. I have tried to satisfy the critics and grown tired. They are rarely satisfied.

God, I need great discernment. I do not want to shut out advice that comes from you. May you help me to know when words are from you. If the advice is harsh or the criticism cuts deep, I will accept it – as long as it comes from you.

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