Trouble in Uganda

This was just sent to me from one of the Leaders of thePastor’s Discipleship Network.  Please be praying.  We were scheduled to do some ministry in these communities after the Pastor’s Conference.

Dear Friends,

We ask that you please join with us in prayer for several important things this week.

Our hearts are heavy for what’s going on right now in Kampala, Uganda. There are two communities called Naguru and Nakawa which are being bull dozed even now as you are reading this. A UK based developer has purchased the land from the Uganda government and all residents have been forced to leave and most have no where to go.

Nakawa is the home to Richmond’s home church, Nakawa Baptist Church. This is where he first attended the Compassion program as a child and where he still worships and teaches at today. The area also includes the Naguru slum where Richmond’s family lived after the death of his father when he was a child. There are PDN pastors churches and Compassion International assisted churches in these communities and many of the families affected go to these churches and have children that attend the Compassion programs.

Although people have been living there up until Monday, the homes in these communities were declared unfit for human habitation back in 1994 and again in 2001 by the Uganda Health Ministry. These are very poor government housing communities which were first built by the British colonial administration in the 1950’s. Please pray with us for our brothers and sisters in Nakawa and Naguru. Please pray that they will find alternate housing. Please pray for the generous people who are taking in evacuees and adding them to their families. I know there is much grieving and suffering and I also know there is also lots of love being shown. Please pray that God is glorified through all of this!

We also have a large group of people from the USA that are preparing right now to leave for Uganda this Saturday. We have so many servant hearts that are taking their time and money to travel over 7000 miles to serve the pastors of East Africa. Please pray for Andreea Plamada, Anna Fish, Bob Smart, Dave Lee, Dustin Webb, John Cho, John Fuder, Julius Wong Loi Sing, Justin Hoeppner, Luke Pogue, Mike Wahls, Nathan Sullivan, Nick Mukuna, Peter Monagle, Russ Davis, Scot Longyear, Sherry Walker, Terry Timm, and myself. Please pray for safe travels, good health, clear minds, and servant hearts for all. Please also pray for the upcoming conference and the over 500 people who will be attending.

Finally we just want to praise God and thank Him for who He is and for letting us be a part of His family. We also want to praise and thank Him for His provision through His people for all of the resources and money and materials that have been, and are being provided, for this upcoming conference. We pray that we are good stewards of His money and His provisions and that His people are loved, trained and equipped to continue to advance and care for His Kingdom. Thank you so much for your prayers…

God bless you,

Terry Marshall

Director, USA
Pastors Discipleship Network

photo by Espen Faugstad


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2 thoughts on “Trouble in Uganda

  1. Hello guys, I am a pastor of Unfailing love Ministries here in kenya East Africa, you are doing a great work impacting live of pastors in Africa. Have you done any work here in kenya? You need to consider comming to kenya and hold a pastors conference.

    God bless you somuch