So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man. – Acts 24:16

Paul is under arrest and stating his case to Festus, the governor. Paul was convinced of his innocence. Why? Because his conscious was clear.

There are few things better than a clear conscious. God uses it and the Holy Spirit to guide us. There are a couple of questions that I need to ask myself in terms of my conscious. How is my conscious . . .

  1. Before men? Are there people that I have crossed? Are there people that I have run over in my pursuit of tasks? Are there needs that I have ignored? Are there people that I have treated as less than me? Do I have outstanding debts to others? Have I made promises I have not fulfilled?
  2. Before God? Are there secret things in my heart that I think I am keeping from God? Are there things he is asking of me that I am ignoring? Are there things I am denying him? Am I shutting out the Holy Spirit? Am I allowing myself to be formed in his image?

God, I desire a clean conscious. I desire to serve you with a pure heart. To be able to stand before you and before men and be able to say that I have a clear conscious. I again invite you to speak to me and twist my heart and life so that it aligns with your purposes and pleasures.

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One thought on “Unconscious

  1. It’s funny how it states how we must keep it clear. Whether by moving because it is correct, or telling it to stop controlling us when we should be doing something else more important.

    Great verse, great post.

    God bless,