We are at Catalyst One Day!

We loaded up the van at 4AM and hit the road.  Some young adults got together at exchange and paid the way for Jack Fox and I to hang out with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel for the day.  (Side note to the ones who are sending us: YOU ROCK!!!!)  We will be at Granger Community Church (a fantastic piece of the kingdom), attending the Catalyst One Day Conference.

image image Fox also tells me that he may have scored some VIP passes, meaning that we could be having lunch with Andy and Craig.  Our goal for the VIP lunch:  to not be used as a future sermon illustration by these guys.

So, we were in Northern Indiana and these 2 jokers somehow get some VIP passes.  Let me tell you about these whack jobs. . .

Stay tuned.  If I can grab some internet access, I’ll post on the content of the day.  I’m PUMPED!!

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