What did you do this weekend?

I know the question will come up. It’s just a piece of Monday conversation. My weekend, you ask? Oh, it was OK. We did some work around the house, payed bills, worked on the family budget, cut grass, went out for ice cream, spent $7000.00 on airline tickets <screeeech>. Wha???

Yep, the Clergy Renewal Grant planning is in full swing. Thanks to Steph (our travel planner and ultimate Holiday Maker), we made some solid plans for the trek to Australia. Boom! Wow! Man! That’s a load of cashola!! It’s a big trip with big plans.

Raise a glass. Here’s to connecting to some new mates next summer as we dive into a time of renewal down under.

I am also excited about what exchange will be able to experience next summer. Part of the grant money will be used for exchange in my absence. The leadership and I have been talking about how to get the most out of the whole experience and I am looking forward to the journey we will be taking together even though we will be apart for a few months.

For an audio update on the Clergy Renewal Grant, click on the exchange sights and sounds page and look for “Update on the Clergy Renewal Grant.”

G’ day mates!!

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