What is an “exchange evaluation?”

Each week I post an evaluation on the previous Sunday’s exchange gathering (our worship service).  Exchange is a group of 500-600 people who’s identity is to be a community of people following Christ and serving in his cause. 

We meet at 6PM every Sunday night at Maryland Community Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The gathering is typically 90 minutes in length and includes a time of teaching (preaching) and extended worship (30-40 minutes).  We use a full band each week, drawing from a pool of about 20-25 musicians.  As you can tell by the songs, the music is along the lines of Crowder/Tomlin in style.  During the musical worship time, we have several places throughout the room where people will take communion, give an offering, pray alone, pray in groups, or do a variety of activities at designated “worship spaces.” 

We are experimental, casual, honest, last minute, and do not fear making mistakes (obviously).  Often we don’t know what will work until we actually try it. 

Each week I look back and evaluate what we can learn and what we can do different next time. 

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