Worship Leading Essentials #20 – It’s Not About the Music

In this article we wrap up the Worship Leading Essentials series. 

A moment of silence please.

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In Worship Leading Essentials #1, we talked about setting the base.  In this final article, we book-end the whole deal by realizing that it is really not about the music.  Take this one to the bank.  Music is an expression, a powerful artform, a beautiful medium, even a shaper of history.  But don’t make a god of it.  

When someone says “We are a worshipping church with a great worship time,” they are off base.  When they say “We are all about a rocking worship time,” they don’t get it.  They are off mission and it is just a matter of time before the whole deal falls apart.  Musical worship is not the focus of the church.  It is a tool, an expression.  Anything more and it is idolatry.  There are plenty of churches who idolize their worship.  Don’t be one of them.  If you are in this mess, do yourself a favor and get out for a season and reconnect with the God you sing about.

God doesn’t give a rip about a drum kit, bass rig, K-2’s, footpedals, or turntable.  He wants to make sure that you are on the mission of seeking and saving the lost.  He wants to make sure you are living in community to such a level that others are drawn to the kingdom.  He wants to make sure you are connecting with the people he died for.

If you are living centered around music you are slowly dying.  If your experience in following Christ is only in your music, you have it all wrong.

Worship is an anthem of the lives lived in complete abandon to this beautiful savior.  Go passionately follow a Christ who is worth wrapping your life around.  Live in such a way that your songs become an expression of the life that you live.  And watch the kingdom explode.

Love.  Live.  Rock.

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4 thoughts on “Worship Leading Essentials #20 – It’s Not About the Music

  1. From a pastor with no gifts in, but a heart for musical worship. Thank you for saying this. We can do all the right things and still miss the mark if our lives are not transformed. Our worship has to be seen as our lives we live and coorporately from the time we drive into the parking lot till the time we leave if others are going to see an authentic faith that makes them long to worship themselves. Romans 12:1-2

  2. Your point is well taken and the part you said that we should wrap our lives around Christ says it all. If that is the focal point the music will live to complete the purpose God has for it.

    Thank you for the reminder and lesson.