Worship Leading Essentials

Here is an overview of the Worship Leading Essentials articles:


  1. Setting the Base
  2. Letting Go
  3. Teamwork
  4. Putting Together a Song List
  5. Spiritual Leadership
  6. Skill or Spiritual Maturity?
  7. Selecting Musicians
  8. Song Transitions
  9. Band Conflict
  10. Dealing with Criticism
  11. Setting Monitors
  12. Stage Presence
  13. The Art of Invisibility
  14. Leading Rehearsals
  15. Band or Rotating Musicians?
  16. Going from Band to Pool
  17. Limit the Gear
  18. Rest
  19. Life Long Learner
  20. It’s Not About the Music

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12 thoughts on “Worship Leading Essentials

  1. Hi Scott,

    This is my first time reading your articles. I love them much. Thanks! Great website!

    At this time also, if you would allow me to share some “struggle” (dillema) that we have experienced in our small community church. I am one of the worship coordinators at our church.

    We have a small band-type (a keyboardist, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist) to lead the worship service every sunday morning.

    Since we are a small community church, all the ministry is all voluntary.

    The issue:
    One of our musicians (guitarist/bassist) has been with us for at least 2 years now. He is very talented skillfully. He serves our chuch in a worship band but he also serves another church whenever he is not on a role that week. In other words, he would attend our service only when he plays on the worship band that week.

    I did mention to him about we need his commitment to our church. But apparently he has not listened. And recently I found out that he is not that committed because our church do not offer compensation. I have prayed about it that he would be committed to our church despite all the money issue and would serve the Lord out of his talent and calling.

    Is money really that? Should I exclude him in our worship team for now?

    How would you handle this, Scott?

    Thanks for your time.

    God bless!


  2. Hi Henry,

    Hmm. Here are some thoughts:

    Only he knows if money is the issue. If he is playing for your church for free, I don’t think that money is the issue, or he wouldn’t play at all. Would you feel differently if he took a side job that would require him to work Sunday so that he could make some money to make ends meet? I know it gets to feeling a little strange when other churches are involved.

    As a side note, we do not pay our musicians.

    While we would like people to be more committed to one church than others, I would be more concerned about his commitment to Christ than to an individual church. In the big picture, you have to ask the question “Can this guy be a solid follower of Christ if he is attending and serving at 2 churches?” I think he can.

    In short, I would not exclude him, but I would make sure that he is pursuing Christ the best he can. I want that for all of our teams.

    In the end, it is your decision and obviously I don’t know everything about the situation. At 1st glance, that is what I would offer.

    Many blessings on you as you lead others closer to Christ!!


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