Worship Lived Out

I feel like I want to stand on a mountain and scream at the top of my lungs. A good, fun, celebrating scream.  To throw my hands up and worship the creator for what I am seeing this week.  I just returned from New Orleans with 40 crashers from exchange.  We joined with Samaritan’s Purse in gutting some houses that were wrecked by Katrina.

The whole experience of being down there was pretty intense, but even as we were on the road to the Big Easy, God gave me glimpses of how incredible these exchange people are. 

They are not incredible because they chose to come here this week.  They are incredible because they get it.  In conversations that I had ones that I  overheard, proved that these people get it.  They are legitimately being part of a community.  They are doing their best to follow Christ, and they are running after his cause. 

And I have a beautiful view from the backseat.  I did not lead this trip.  I was along for the ride.  The view?  Wonderful.  I had the rare advantage over most people on the trip.  I know many of their life stories.  I know some of their failure, their victories, and their struggles, and they are the real deal.  The stuff that my leaders and I have dreamed for years is off the table, it is off the page, and it is being lived out.  Lives are being changed and God is more famous this week than he was last.  And it continues. 

The week wrapped up with 4 baptisms – each members of our team.  I’m  pretty stoked.

God, thanks allowing me to love and lead these people, and thank you for the view.  It is beautiful.

Time to find a mountain.

Check out the latest picts from New Orleans here.

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