Worshipplus World Tour ‘06

We kissed the family goodbye, loaded up the bus (a 2006 Prevost complete with bunks, full kitchen, lounge, tip out’s, entertainment system) and pulled out early Sunday morning. The sound, light, and media company was in route. Our product was packed in the trailer with our musical gear. Our road manager, Scooter, had finalized the schedule and we were set to go. We were hyped to make some new friends, hit 10 major cities, and rock with a ton of people as we worshipped the Creator. As we were heading down the interstate a loud beeping noise came from where I was sitting on the bus. It took awhile but I found it. My alarm clock. 4:15 AM. Sunday, Oct 22, 2006.

I rolled out of bed and shook the dream from my cranium. A quick shower and a bowl of oats and I was out the door. Instead of riding in the Prevost, we piled in Jeff’s van (a used church van, once totaled), hitched to a rusty trailer. So, it’s not the dream I had, but the reality of traveling and leading worship with 8 of your best friends is a pretty good way to live awake. Instead of the world tour, we headed to Antioch Christian Church in Washington Indiana, where we led worship for their morning worship gatherings. Antioch is a great church of 1000 in a town of 11,000. A miracle in a cornfield.

We rolled up on the church and were greeted by some old friends. A quick set up, wrestling through setting sound, and we were runnin.’

Special thanks to the folks at Antioch. It is always good to be with you. A great thanks to the band and traveling companions for the day. The reality of you guys is better than the dreams in my head.

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One thought on “Worshipplus World Tour ‘06

  1. Talk about tiring! But, it was definitely all good. Fun playing at a different church, that Amish buffet was the bee’s knees! Then, gettin’ to do it all over again at home (a.k.a. eXchange).

    Great stuff!